Making in Education Conference

Sponsored by Rockwell Automation

The Making in Education Conference will be held on Saturday, September 29, 2018 from 9 am to 4 pm at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Exposition Center during Maker Faire Milwaukee.

The Faire’s 3rd annual event for educators – classroom teachers, administrators, after-school program staff, librarians and others in the field – will focus on:

  • practical maker skills in STEAM education;
  • maker activities that can be implemented in the classroom;
  • alignment to academic standards and other assessment topics; and
  • Google Making Spaces schools: seven case studies.

Participants are invited to bring projects and ideas for design thinking, rapid prototyping and iteration activities.

Keynote: How the Arts Will Transform Education, Erica Rosenfeld Halverson, Professor of Digital Media and Literacy in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Professor Halverson studies how people learn in and through the arts across a variety of contexts including makerspaces, museums, and public libraries.

Scheduled Sessions and Workshops (as of September 14):

  • Making and Student Assessment
  • Virtual Reality for the Classroom
  • Inclusivity in Making
  • Tech support and advice
  • Scaling & Building Activities for the Classroom
  • School Makerspace Development: Case Studies
  • Exploring Circuits with Brown Dog Gadgets
  • Developing Maker Kits for Your Classroom
  • Digital and Analog Games and Lessons

Conference organizers have also scheduled opportunities to attend talks and presentations happening during the Industry, Career & College Exchange schedule on Saturday in Exhibit Hall A.

$120 – Parking is not included.

Discounted registration for undergraduate and graduate students in education fields is available, as well as a small number of scholarships.  For more information about these opportunities, contact us at

Check with your District or Title funding provider about using Title II funding for conference expenses.

Conference Organizers

The Making in Education Conference is presented by Brinn Labs (the Maker Initiatives of the Betty Brinn Museum) and the the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education, with generous sponsorship support from Rockwell Automation. The Conference is part of a year-round professional development program for classroom teachers, school and district administrators, STEM/STEAM coordinators, librarians and others in the field that showcase best practices in project-based learning, and share resources, skills and strategies that address both the needs and interests of existing educational makerspaces and organizations in the early stages of the developing of maker education programs.

Brinn Labs is one of 15 Google Making Spaces Hub institutions in the country, and a collaborator with leading science centers and museums to develop national models for maker-educator training.