We’ve just approved our 100th Maker! With just 50 days until Maker Faire Milwaukee, and less than 30 days until the Call for Makers closes, we’ve hit our next milestone. (Okay, we’ve actually got 101 Makers, because we approved another one as we were writing this post!)

We’re still working through submissions, and have another dozen in the queue, but once again, if you plan to apply and haven’t yet, do it now! Did you know that you can start the application process and save it part way through to continue later? Yes, that’s a thing. Save and continue later! If you get stuck and need to ask questions, you can take a break and finish up at a later date. (We’ll send you a link so you can pick up where you left off.)

Curious about the Makers joining us this year? Check out the Maker Exhibits page. You can view the Makers as a visual gallery or a textual list, and each Maker has a page with more info about what you’ll see at the Faire.

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