Education at Maker Faire Milwaukee

Technology, the Internet and other forces are challenging traditional education models like never before. How we teach, what we teach and how we prepare students and young people for the future are critical issues for all of us.

Maker Faire is a hub for information and resources about the changing landscape of education and workforce training. These are some of the programs were are working on for 2021:

  • The 2nd Annual Career and College Exchange – a schedule of workshops, demonstrations and talks for teenagers and young adults interested in emerging fields in education and industry and in-demand maker skills
  • Field Trip Friday – part of the Faire since 2015, Field Trip Friday is a special opportunity for more than 1,000 students in grades 4-9 to meet and work with selected makers and exhibitors before the Faire opens to the public
  • The Education Makerspace – in response to increased interest from the community in maker education resources for schools, professional development opportunities and other information about this approach to learning and teaching, select educator talks, demonstrations and workshops will be open to the public during the Faire