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Why Sponsor Maker Faire

What is the Maker Movement?

The Maker Movement is driven by a global community that is fueling a new industrial revolution, harnessing technology and other resources to change how we live, work and learn. Never heard of it? Maker Faires around the world (New York, Rome, Paris, Taipei, Shenzhen, Cairo, Vienna and more than 100 other locations) serve as platforms for new ideas and products, as showcases for makers from broad range of fields, and as hubs for information and dialogue about how the movement is influencing education, manufacturing and more.

Maker Faire Milwaukee is one of the largest Faires in the world. And, we want you to get involved. In addition to promoting your business to more than 50,000 attendees during the two-day event, there are other very good reasons to support our local maker community and Maker Faire Milwaukee:

Making is growing our economy

Makers who have exhibited at our event have raised more than $500,000 through crowdfunding to support business development and jobs. The National League of Cities 2016 report, “How Cities Can Grow the Maker Movement” underscores the economic impact of makers as job creators and conduits for economic growth, but only a small number of cities are engaging in the movement. Let’s make Milwaukee one of them.

Making is drawing students into critical STEAM fields

The Maker Movement is motivating and inspiring children at all grade levels to explore science, technology, engineering and math subjects through projects and experiences, and exposing students to design thinking, problem solving and creative work that will be key to the jobs of the future. Dozens of school districts (and libraries) around Wisconsin are introducing makerspaces, and MIT and other colleges and universities now invite prospective students to submit a Maker Portfolio as part of the application process, along with their GPA and ACT scores.

Making is changing how we function

The Maker Movement is rapidly changing how products – information, goods and services – are developed and distributed. The ability to download a digital file and 3D print a replacement part for something in your home disrupts the worlds of retail, manufacturing and consumerism.

Making is benefiting our society

The Maker Movement has an important role in revitalizing American manufacturing and achieving our nation’s goals related to quality education for all students, strategic workforce development, and innovation and entrepreneurship, and it has been acknowledged by the White House — which hosted its first Maker Faire in 2014 — Congress, federal agencies, more than 100 Mayors and some of the country’s biggest businesses – Ford, Microsoft, Disney, Chevron, GE, Intel, Google and many more.

Interested in Sponsoring?

Several sponsorship packages are available to appeal to both small and large organizations that want to participate in this incredible community extravaganza. Please check out the PDF files below and contact us at to discuss sponsoring the event.

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