While you already know we’ve got Makers, we’ve also got (the start) of a schedule. Maker Faire can seem pretty free-form, and you can just wander around and see Makers showing off their amazing creations, but we’ve also got a number of talks, performances, and scheduled events. Looking for a specific workshop or demo? Check the schedule. Want to know when Rook the Knight will fight the Tesla Coils? Check the schedule. Want to know when the 75 minute Enduro for the Power Racing Series is? Check the schedule!

We’re not 100% locked into the schedule yet, and there will be a few changes in the next week or so, but the web site will be the definitive guide to what is happening when you’re at Maker Faire Milwaukee. We’ll also have some digital signage (and non-digital signage) at the Faire to assist with scheduling in some of the areas. Knowing when things are happening is key to getting the most out of your Maker Faire experience!

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