Kids (and adults) love to draw and color, and one of the activities we did at Betty Brinn’s Be A Maker space involved asking kids to draw what they wanted to see at Maker Faire Milwaukee this year. They came up with some interesting ideas, so we’ve selected a few of our favorites and we’ll share them with you in this post. (Maker Faire is all about sharing, right?)

Water? You got it! Milwaukee is known for our work with water, and we’ve got two water exhibit so far, the Graphical Waterfall by Pevnick Design and the The Immersive Fluid Flow Experience by Tom Hansen. Okay, the second one doesn’t actually feature water, but does demonstrate how water flows. And as for the Graphical Waterfall, it’s pretty magical in the way it creates art using computer-controlled water droplets.

A Flower Garden? We’ve got The Grow Room by Peter Graven which is an alternative building concept for urban gardening, and Fairy Garden Fun by the Sun Lakes Girl Scouts. Maybe not exactly a “Flower Garden” but they are both garden related!

“A robot that can talk and walk around and interact with people” is pretty specific! In fact, we had a long conversation about how to classify robots, cybernetic beings, cyborgs, plants, and other living creatures. We’ve got a lot of robots lined up for Maker Faire: ChiBots, Wisconsin Robotics, Robotics Association at UWM, a robot that can weld, Rock’em Sock’em Robots, and more. Hopefully one of them will be able to “talk and walk around and interact with people” (but maybe not the welding robot.)

Daleks? Yes, Daleks. Why, our friends at Dalek Asylum Milwaukee will attempt the world’s largest gathering of Daleks at Maker Faire Milwaukee! We also hope you’ll bring a Dalek, or at least a Dalek costume, and take part in the fun. Rumor has it Dalek Asylum Milwaukee may also provide a “Make Your Own Dalek Costume” station at the Faire. So yes, you will definitely see Daleks at Maker Faire. (I know, it looks like an adult may have drawn this one, but I’m okay with that.)

Hi Reinaliz, we think it’s awesome that you want to see your family at Maker Faire Milwaukee this year. We want to see them too! We want to see everyone at Maker Faire Milwaukee, along with their family, and friends, and robots, and cybernetic beings. Make sure you pre-register for tickets so we can see you at State Fair Park on September 23rd & 24th, 2017!

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