Art+Tech by Bryan Cera

I am a Professor in Object Making and Emerging Technology - and I'm here to share my research with you!

I've selected a handful of recent projects that span across ceramic 3D printing, digital fabrication, cosplay, DIY electronics and Lego.

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Bryan Cera

Bryan Cera

Bryan Cera is an artist, designer and maker from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, working in between the lines of art and technology. He has produced projects ranging from programmed interactive video environments, wearable electronics, networked robotics and sequenced light and fabric displays, to explorations in rapid prototyping, 3D digital design and fabrication. He has shown work across the US, including exhibitions in Wisconsin, Utah, Maine, California, and Philadelphia, and has contributed to multiple international exhibitions in Canada, Great Britain, Australia and China. His work has received press attention from such media venues as Australian Popular Science, The Huffington Post, Make Magazine,, and Bryan holds a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Arts, as well as Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Art and Technology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Bryan Cera is an avid supporter of open-source initiatives, and remains an active participant in contemporary art and design practices both locally and abroad.