The BizTimes has just released the 2019 Southeastern Wisconsin edition of STUFF, which is a workforce development publication for teens and young adults, and we’re proud to be mentioned with a “mark your calendars” note. (You’ve already marked them for September 14th & 15th, 2019, right?), and to have the support of BizTimes as our 2019 Faire Media Sponsor.

The aim of STUFF is an important one, and is a major theme of Maker Faire Milwaukee, and the year-round work we do at Brinn Labs. If you’ve not yet heard of Brinn Labs, it’s the headquarters for Maker Faire Milwaukee and the Maker Initiatives of the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum, offering classes, workshops, and field trips for students. Check them out at

Can’t wait for a printed copy of STUFF? Make sure you take a look at the online version. It’s filled with some great local companies doing amazing things, many of whom are looking to hire innovators and makers.

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