If you missed the last two installments of “What Kids Want to See”, check out the previous post and the first one to see what kids at Betty Brinn’s Be A Maker space drew when we gave them some paper and crayons and asked the question “What would you like to see at Maker Faire this year?”

The pyramids were built by humans, and they are awesome feats of engineering! We don’t have any pyramids, but we do have geodesic domes, and a tiny house made from Construx. We’ve even got Blacksmithing and Fun with Fire, but that’s more “pyrotechnic” than “pyramid”… it’s close, right?

“Purple Bonfire” (as interpreted by an adult helper) isn’t exactly something you’ll see at Maker Faire Milwaukee, but we do have Game of Fire, which will definitely have fire, and we’ve also got Firefly Electronix, which isn’t fire at all, unless you do it wrong. And speaking of doing it wrong, watching The Power Racing Series is always a good chance to see an electrical fire…

Wow, I don’t even… This looks amazing, I mean, there’s a trampoline, a pool, and a 20 foot tall basketball hoop. None of our Makers have proposed anything like this, but we do have the South Milwaukee SeaPerch underwater ROV building, which uses a pool, so all we really need to add is a trampoline and a 20 foot tall basketball hoop.

Rumor has it our friends at the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum will have a castle at Maker Faire… cool! If you want to find your want to the castle, perhaps you need to see the Medieval Mapmaker, and if your quest is perilous and you need assistance, maybe the Larpcraft of Milwaukee crew can help you out.

I don’t know what “Pizza Cat” is, but I want to see it at Maker Faire, too! If we don’t have a “Pizza Cat” at least we’ve got Frankie Flood (who makes amazing pizza cutters) and Red Cat Racer, which is a race car built by Bay View High School students. Pizza + Cat = Awesome!

Besides all these awesome things, what we really want to see at the Faire is you! (But please, leave your cat at home!) Make sure you pre-register for tickets so we can see you at State Fair Park on September 23rd & 24th, 2017!

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