Hello, Makers!

We want to thank you for being part of Maker Faire Milwaukee, and we want your experience to be as smooth as possible. This checklist will serve as your guide for load in, exhibit days at the Faire, and load out.

The Maker Manual

The Maker Manual contains information you will need to know. Please read through it. It will answer many of your questions. You may want to print it out, or at least save a copy to your computer for reference. (If we update the manual we will let you know here.)

Participation Agreement

All Makers – including assistants helping in your booth at any time – must complete the Maker Participation Agreement to receive a wristband and badge. You cannot take part in the Faire as a Maker without signing the Participation Agreement. If you are the “Primary Contact” (the person who filled out the Call for Makers application) you have already signed the agreement, but it is your responsibility to have all of your assistants and helpers sign the Participation Agreement.

Maker and Exhibitor Load In Schedule Form

All Makers – With 200 exhibits and even more people to manage, scheduling a specific time, and sharing any special needs with us, is essential. The Maker and Exhibitor Load In Schedule Form will allow you to schedule a load in time, and let us know other details of your exhibit.

Commercial Maker Booth Payment Form

If you are a Commercial Maker, you must pay your Commercial Maker Booth Fee. If you fail to do so you will not be allowed to exhibit at Maker Faire Milwaukee. We ask that you pay your fee before 11:59pm on September 12th, 2019. Paying after the deadline may jeopardize your ability to exhibit.

Note: If you are a Maker (non-commercial) you do not pay the Commercial Maker Fee. This is only for Commercial Makers who are selling goods or promoting their services.

Commercial Maker Tax Information

If you are a Wisconsin-based Commercial Maker, the State of Wisconsin requires us to collect tax information from you. (This includes Non-profits, Startups, Companies, or anyone selling goods or services at the Faire or as a result of exhibiting at the Faire.)

Note: If you are a Maker (non-commercial) you do not need to submit your tax information. This is only for exhibitors who are selling goods or services.

When you get there...

Makers help make Maker Faire Milwaukee happen! When you check in to the Faire during load in you will receive your Maker Packet which contains your badge and wristband (along with wristbands for your assistants, please make sure they are wearing them when they arrive as it will get them in the door without having to wait in line.) You’ll also receive your booth sign, and other important (and fun) things! Check in is at the Hall A loading dock of the Expo Center.

As Makers, you do not need to register for tickets, but you will need to have your wristband on when you come to the Faire. Tickets are needed by anyone who is just attending the Faire. We strongly recommend that you let anyone you know who is attending (and not a Maker) that they should pre-register for tickets. Pre-registering will help them get into the Faire quicker, and check out more awesome thing… including your booth!